This course has been supported and partially funded by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design as part of its January 2014 term.

Instructor: Dimitris Papanikolaou, DDes candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Design,

Collaborator: Arthur Petron, MIT Media Lab
Teaching Assistant: Omar Davis, HGSD
Guest Reviewers: David Mellis, MIT Media Lab; Peter Schmitt, MIT Media Lab

Students: Saurabh Mhatre (HGSD), Sourav Biswas (HGSD), Elizabet Wu (HGSD), Jifei Ou (MIT), Sarah Bolivar (HGSD), Tara Ebsworth (MIT)

Copyright © 2014 Dimitris Papanikolaou. The course syllabus and description can be reproduced and distributed only with the permission of the copyright owner. No other use is permitted without the express prior written permission of the owner.